High-Pass Filter

Descript's high-pass filter (also known as a "low-cut" filter) allows you to trim out lower-frequency audio from your media clips. This is especially useful in situations where electrical "hum" or wind noise may have gotten onto a recording.


Getting Started

If you haven't yet already, check out our Effects Overview for details on adding / removing effects, as well as a breakdown of the various stages you can insert effects into your Composition.


Effect Overview

Unlike a Low Shelf EQ which equally raises / lowers any frequencies below a specified value by the amount you specify, the High-Pass Filter gradually "rolls-off" (removes) any frequencies below the specified value.




The High-pass filter comes with an array of starter presets to choose from:

  • De-Boom Light
  • De-Boom Medium
  • De-Boom Heavy
  • Vocal Limit - Bass
  • Vocal Limit - Baritone
  • Vocal Limit - Contralto
  • Vocal Limit - Soprano


To choose a preset click the "Select Preset" dropdown selector:



Manually Adjusting Effects Settings

You can also manually adjust your settings by clicking on the Show Details button to the right of the preset selector:



Here you can adjust the "Frequency" knob to the left / right to set at which point the roll-off will begin.


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