Publish your content to Hello Audio

Descript's powerful publishing tool allows you to publish directly to Hello Audio.

Hello Audio helps users create private audio feeds that your customers can listen to anywhere, anytime. Events, summits, coaching, content, and more are all delivered directly to your customers, on the go.


Getting Started

Once you've finished editing your Composition, click the Share button at the top-right corner of your Project. Then select the Export tab, and under the Cloud Export section click the ellipsis button (More...) and select Hello Audio from the list.



You will then be prompted to configure your Published page settings and click Publish (or Republish) when complete. Visit our Publishing Overview for more details on these settings.



A confirmation window will appear indicating that a page was created with your published file. Click the blue Continue with Hello Audio link at the bottom to send your published Page to Hello Audio.



You will then be redirected to a web browser where you can sign into your Hello Audio account (or create a new account if you have not yet signed up). After logging in, you will be asked to select a feed to import your audio to - select the correct feed from the menu and click Choose This Feed.



Once your audio has completed importing into the selected feed, you'll see that feed's home page. Scroll down to find your episode and click the Publish toggle to publish it.




Can I also upload video content to Hello Audio?

Yes - you can upload video through the Hello Audio integration, but Hello Audio will remove the video and publish only the audio.


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