Publish your content to Transistor

Descript's powerful publishing features allow you to publish your content directly to Transistor.

Transistor is a podcast hosting platform built for marketers seeking measurable results from their published content. Grow your business with podcasting and learn from actionable insights and tools to make your content more effective.


Getting Started

Click the Share button at the top-right corner of your Project. Then select the Export tab, and under the Cloud Export section click the ellipsis button (More...) and select Transistor from the list.



You will then be prompted to configure your Published page settings and click Publish (or Republish) when complete. Visit our Publishing Overview for more details on these settings.



A confirmation window will appear indicating that a page was created with your published file. Click the blue Continue with Transistor link at the bottom to send your published Page to Transistor.



You will then be redirected to a web browser where you can sign into your Transistor account (or create a new account if you have not yet signed up). At that point, your episode will begin importing to Transistor.


Once in Transistor, select a show for this Episode to be published under, as well as the Episode Title.



After selecting Import and Create Draft episode, you'll have additional settings that can be set for your episode such as an episode summary, author, and episode artwork. 



Frequently Asked Questions

Can I also upload video content to Transistor?

No - the Transistor integration only accepts audio content.


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