How do I update Descript for Apple Silicon (M1) computers?

Descript now has native support for computers with Apple Silicon (M1) processors - read on to make sure you have the correct version for your system.


How to install

Before installing the Apple Silicon-supported version, please make sure you completely close Descript from the menubar:



Once you have fully closed Descript, open your Applications folder and remove Descript by right-clicking and selecting Move to trash.



After you've removed Descript from your Applications folder, download the installer from Open the installer and allow it to go through the full installation process.


Confirming Apple Silicon compatibility

Once the installation has completed, you can confirm that your version of Descript has native Apple Silicon compatibility by opening your Applications folder and clicking Get Info. If the correct version is installed, you will see "Apple Silicon" in the General section:



Will I need to do this each time I want to update Descript?

No - after you have completed this installation process once, all future automatic updates will have native Apple Silicon support


Please share any feedback on the native support for Apple Silicon (M1) in our Discord Community or by contacting support.