Transfer of Project Ownership

It's not easy saying goodbye, but when the time comes to pass the torch, Descript makes it easy to transfer your project to a new owner. 


Be sure you're ready to give up ownership! Once you've transferred Ownership the ability to transfer the project belongs to the New Owner

How to Transfer Ownership of a Project to Another User

Before ownership can be transferred you first have to invite that person to be an Editor member on the same Drive the Project is on. Once your intended owner is listed as an Editor on the Drive - Project ownership can be transferred in no time.

From the Drive View, click the Ellipses on the far right of the Project title. Then select Project Access.

This will open the Project access window. You can now select the "Can Edit" or "Can Comment" button and change it to "Make Owner." A confirmation prompt will appear asking you to confirm these changes. Click Transfer Ownership to finalize the transfer.




You can also manage Project access from within a project. Just click Share > Project access in the upper-righthand corner.


You can then follow the same steps as above to finalize the transfer!


Keep in mind that ownership is transferred immediately, and can only be changed by the current owner.