Text Clips

Text Clips allow you to add visual text elements to both your video and audio projects in Descript. You can use them to add dynamic captions of your transcript, titles, timers, or even display Speaker Labels and Markers. Once you have created the Text Clips that fit your project's needs, you can customize the text to fit the overall aesthetic of your content.

Note Regarding Title Clips And Fancy Captions  

If you have previously used Title Clips or Fancy Captions in Descript, these two features will now be merged into Text Clips.


Creating A Text Clip

Click in your Script where you would like to place a Text Clip. Next, open the Conductor by clicking on the Plus (+) button in the Insert Toolbar; or use the keyboard shortcuts: Control + K (Windows)  or Command + K (Mac). Next, search for Text and press Enter.


You can also add a Text Clip over a specific part of your project. Simply highlight the selected region of text and create the Text Clip.

Once you have inserted your Text Clip, open your Video Preview (View > Show Video), double-click the text and start typing.



Adjusting the Text Clip Length in the Timeline

Once added, you can drag and extend the Text Clip either from the beginning of the track, or the end of the track. This will extend the track to the right. If you want to position your Text Clip to the left of the timeline, move the entire track itself. 



Customizing Text Clips

You are to adjust the font, position, duration, and function of your Text Clips from the Clip Inspector.


Dynamic Text

Enabling the Dynamic Text parameter from the Clip Inspector will allow you to change how the Text Clip functions. When this parameter is active, you can have your Text Clip display your parts of your transcripts, Speaker Labels, the Composition title, or a timer. 



Removing Text Clips

You can remove Text Clips from either your Composition or Timeline. To remove Text Clips from your Composition, right click on the Text Clip Icon Screen_Shot_2021-05-14_at_4.21.16_PM.png and choose "delete track". You can also delete this icon like you would a word text in a document. From your Timeline, you can click on the top of the Text Clip track and enter backspace/delete, or right click to open the options to delete the track.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Fancy Captions and Text Clips?

When you create a Text Clip, it defaults to having Dynamic Text disabled. If you search and select Fancy Captions from the Conductor, it will still create a Text Clip but with Dynamic Text already enabled.