Waveform Clips

Waveform Clips is a visualizer similar to what you get in our Audiograms feature, but you now have the ability to apply this in app over your videos with further control over the style, color, fidelity, and magnitude. This feature can be useful for posting exciting clips of your creations to social media or a preview of videos.


Applying Waveform to a Clip

First, open your Conductor and type in "Waveform"




This will apply the Waveform to a portion of your timeline, and you can adjust the duration by dragging it to cover less or more of your clip. 




Clip Properties

You can open the Clip Inspector to adjust the following parameters for your Waveform.




Style - allows to choose between Lines, Circles, Ring, or Wave














Note: Mirror and Outline are only both available on the Wave Style. 


Mirror (only available on Line or Wave) - Toggling on mirror on will mirror the waveform on either side creating a fuller look.


Outline: (only available on Circle, Ring, and Wave)


Stroke width (only available with Outline enabled) - Adjusting the stroke width up or down will increase the thickness of the waveform


Color - Allows you to adjust the color of your Waveform



Fidelity - Adjusting the Fidelity up or down will increase or decrease the sparseness of the waveform


Magnitude - Adjusting the Magnitude up or down will increase or decrease the height of your Waveform


Shadow - Enabling shadow will you to provide a differentiating backdrop to your waveform where you can adjust the Color, Blur, or Positioning giving a different look or effect to your Waveform.