Why does my iPhone video look washed out after I import it to Descript?

Descript uses tone mapping to convert HDR pixel formats to SDR. Descript will do its best to preserve the colors of the HDR source video, but a perfectly accurate translation is not possible. If you find videos where the colors in Descript look muted (or dramatically different from the colors in Quicktime), please contact support here.


When importing video to Descript, you may notice that the color of your video has lost some saturation or appears "washed out". This occurs for users who are importing videos from iPhones while using the HDR video setting.


As a way to work around this, you can: 

  • Right click your video in Finder
  • Services > Encode Selected Video File
  • Pick one of the H.264 options
  • Click “continue”
  • A copy of the video will get added to the same folder




Once you've completed these steps, you'll have an updated video file that you can add to Descript. If you've already imported the original file, you can use the Replace File feature to add the newly updated video file to your Project. You can read more about the Replace File feature here: Replace File