Publish your content to Podbean

Descript allows you to export content directly to Podbean in a couple of clicks, without needing to download and re-upload the file.

With Podbean, you can host your podcasts, generate monetization, view performance statistics, and benefit from many more features. 


Getting Started

Once you've finished editing your Composition, click the Share button at the top-right corner of your Project. Then select the Export tab, and under the Cloud Export section click the ellipsis button (More...) and select Podbean from the list.



You will be prompted to configure your Published page setting. Click Publish (or Republish) when you are ready to continue. Visit our Publishing Overview for more details on these settings.


Next, you will be redirected to an Import from Descript page on Podbean's website:

  1. Enter your episode's title and select the podcast you are importing to.
  2. Click Import Episode


You will be redirected to the selected podcast's Episode List page and the importing process will begin. Click Refresh periodically to check on the status of the importing episode. 



Once the importation is complete, you will see the episode listed below in your Episode List



Your episode will now be ready and available to be published on Podbean!


Frequently Asked Questions

I already exported my episode to Podbean but had to make updates to it in Descript. Will exporting the Composition again create an entirely new episode on Podbean?

Nope! This is the long-lasting benefit of using Descript's integration with Podbean. If you re-export an episode, the updated episode will replace the content on the original Podbean episode. 

Can I also upload video-only content to Podbean?

No - the Podbean integration only accepts audio content.


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