Replace Script Track

Replace Script Track allows you to swap your media with new media in your Script Track. This feature lets you pre-produce your content using placeholder text, overdub, or a rough draft recording. You can then add b-roll, music, and other elements to your Composition. Once you are ready to swap in your new media, Descript will make sure your composition elements stay aligned. With Replace Script Track, you no longer need to wait for the final voiceover or recording to start creating in Descript.


How to use Replace Script Track


You will need your replacement media in Descript to use Replace Script Track. You can place this media in a new Composition or even at the bottom of the Composition you are currently working on where you want to replace the Script Track media. If you already have it, import your new media file or record the content directly into Descript.
  1. Highlight the transcript of your new audio. 
  2. Right-click and select Cut or Copy
  3. Navigate to your scratch take and highlight the transcript of the media you wish to replace.
  4. Right-click with your placeholder text selected and choose Paste Special > Replace script track.


Composition elements that will stay aligned